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Session 2020-21  

  Circular Dated 13.11.2020 | Click to view

 This is to inform all students of Class X that their photograph will be taken for LOC of AISSE 2020 in the school premises. Click here to view

 This is to inform all students of Class XII that their photograph will be taken for LOC of AISSCE 2020 in the school premises. Click here to view

***********Update XII Science students need to come on 22.09.2020 instead of 20.09.2020 for photograph.

 Notice for optional exam (CBSE) | Click here to view


प्रिय छात्रों / अभिभावक,

    आप सभी को सूचित किया जाता है कि "वेद प्रचार सप्ताह" का आयोजन इस वर्ष हमारे स्कूल में "कोरोना महामारी" को ध्यान में रखते हुए ऑनलाइन माध्यम से किया जाएगा।
इसके तहत निम्नलिखित कार्यक्रम होंगे -
  •     दैनिक यज्ञ
  •     ओम ध्वनि प्रतियोगिता
  •     आर्य समाज के दस नियम
  •     गीताश्लोकोच्चारण
  •     वृक्षारोपण
कार्यक्रम का समय:
  •     मंगलवार सुबह 10:30 से 11:30 बजे दैनिक यज्ञ, आर्य समाज के दस नियम और ओम ध्वनि प्रतियोगिता।
  •     शनिवार को सुबह 09:20 बजे से सुबह 10:20 बजे तक दैनिक यज्ञ, गीताश्लोकोच्चारण प्रतियोगिता और वृक्षारोपण कार्यक्रम आयोजित किया जाएगा।
जो लोग भाग लेना चाहते हैं वे गूगल मीट के माध्यम से जुड़ सकते हैं। लिंक नीचे दिए गए हैं -

Dear Students/Parents,

It is informed to all of you that “Ved Prachar Week” will be organized in our school this year through online medium keeping in mind the “Corona Epidemic”.

Under this there will be the following programs –

  • Dainik Yajna
  • OM Sound Contest
  • The Ten Rules of Arya Samaj
  • Gitashlokocharan
  • Plantation

Program time:

  • Tuesday 10:30 am to 11:30 am Daily Yajna, ten rules of Arya Samaj, and OM sound competition.
  • Saturday from 09:20 am to 10:20 am Daily Yajna, Gitashlokocharan competition and tree planting program will be organized.

Those who want to participate can join through Google Meet. Links are given below -


 AISSE & AISSCE 2020 result analysis | Click to view

 This is regarding the observation of International Day of Yoga (IDY) 2020 to be held on 21st June 2020.

       In the connection, the following are the links to the video carrying the appeal of Hon'ble Prime Minister to all the perticipate in International Day of Yoda 2020:

       i) Google Drive: Link

       ii) We Transfer: Link

 We will observe The International Day of Yoga 2020 on 21st June 2020 at 6:50 AM in virtual mode. Click to view circular

       Nursery to VI: Click here to join

       VI to XII: Click here to join

       FIT India YouTube channel: Channel link

 Online admission of class XI for the session 2020-21 has beeen started. Those who have taken admission form, can submit the same at school's office. Those who have not taken the form yet, they can take admission form from school's office or they can apply online.  Apply Now

 DAVCMC Text Books for the session 2020-21 will be dispensed as per the enclosed schedule. SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number of the parent. Click to view

 Admission portal is ready. May visit School's website for payment.

 Curriculum for the session 2020-21 | Class IX-X | Class XI-XII

 Dear Student/Parent, You can download NCERT books of classes I to XII from following links -

Link 1

Link 2

 Dear Student/Parent,

As we have initiated online/virtual classes for students, it is equally important to invest in their overall physical, emotional and mental well-being at home during this period. Keeping this in mind CBSE and Fit India Mission have collaborated to provide live sessions by experts covering a range of topics for holistic well-being of school going children, which will include simple actionable tips around Basic Exercises, Nutrition, Yoga & Meditation, boosting immunity etc. These sessions will be LIVE on YouTube daily at 9.30 AM starting from 15th April 2020, for a period of one month at following link –

YouTube – Channel name – Fit India Movement – Click Here

All the live sessions are downloadable and available anytime, anywhere. The overall objective of these sessions is to help children stay fit and healthy while pursuing online classes as well as help them to cultivate a sustainable and active lifestyle right from their younger days.

Fit India Mission has also informed that they have made 5 capsules of five minutes each for break between online sessions. These capsules can be downloaded from the link – Click Here



 Click Here to download Text Books of classes III to VIII

 Dear Student, watch video classes at school's YouTube channel. | Click to watch

 Dear Student/Parent, assignments of classes from LKG to XII will be uploaded in student portal . Student/Parent can download the notes and assignments provided by the teachers, by logging in to student portal. After logging in, go to assignment and download the file. | Click to Login

 Syllabus for the session 2020-21 | Click to download

 Some text books of class III to VIII has been uploaded in student portal. Student/Parent can download the books by logging in to their respective portal. After logging in, go to assignment, download the file and follow the instruction given. | Click to Login

 Dear Student, Please find the link of some subjects for practice (E-Learn)Click here for practice

 Fee structure for the session 2020-21 | Click to view

 Admission notice for Class XI for the session 2020-21Click to view