Affiliated with CBSE, New Delhi, Affiliation No. 2430011, School No. 15544
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DAV Schools stand for and exclusive times tasted and success oriented educational citadels since pre-independent India. As a team of people, sharing equal vision, we promise to reach our endeavours to wonders beyond the realms of individual dreams. As light dispels darkness and decorate our homes, so also let us vow to brighten up the dark alleys of human minds and human arrogances and human falliability  and let our bright thoughts define us as ideal thinking individuals because ideal thinking individuals can only bring about a transformation - both within and outside and achieve every zenith possible. To our students I extend my hearty message “ Go, live your dream! “ For my colleagues everywhere I aspire humbly “ We, DAV- ians, possess an elevated  status with respect coupled by our passion, morals and hard work and we will soar truly high.” Our aim is – be selective and successful. Communication is life. What our children think and do today will usher them build their fortune and future. Parents and teachers are never at cross purposes. Both are stake holders in the education of children. Today learning is not limited in books - a lot of learning takes place in and around the classrooms- in a corridor or a staircase of the school. Well, it is always best to be democratic where we share other’s ideas. I wish to lead my students, teachers and colleagues and work in unison to save the tender minds to perfection. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. Nothing succeeds like success. Only three things can define us – values, determination and attitude. Let’s be humble and simple.

Mr. M P Sharma